PANDORA DXs – Desktop 3D Printer

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When ordering is complete, production will proceed.

CNC machining and 3D printing, it can take from 10 to 30 days.

(Please note that 3D output of some parts is not smooth, unlike injection molding.)

Product will ship 95% pre-assembled in one box. Please note, the following box specs are subject to change.

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DIY 3D Printer – PANDORA DXs (Design eXtreme single)
3D Design Tool: SketchUp Pro

Technical Specifications


Technology: FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication) / H-Bot(CoreXY)
Build Volume: 223 (W) x 225 (D) x 165 (H) mm

  • Heatbed
    Layer Resolution: 50-200 microns
    Filament: ABS or PLA, Nyron, HIPS, PVA… 1.75 mm diameter
    Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.8mm)
    Print File Type: .Gcode, .STL
    Layer Resolutions:
  • Fast: 200 micron (0.2 mm)
  • Normal: 100 micron (0.1 mm)
  • hHigh: 0.06 micron (0.06 mm)
  • Ultra High: 0,04 micron (0.04 mm)

    Size and Weight

    Product Dimensions: 426 (W) x 433 (D) x 500 (H) mm
    Product Weight: 11 kg


    Software Bundle: Cura, Slic3r, KISSlicer / Octoprint, Printrun, Repetier-Host, MatterControl
    Supported File Types: .STL, .OBJ, .AMF, .Gcode
    Operating Systems: All (Web-based): Windows, Mac OS, Linux


    Arduino: Modified Marlin v1.0.0
    Raspberry Pi: Rasbian, Octoprint, SSH, Samba, VNC, WiringPi


    Base Plate: Profile DRF 3030, Acrylic
    Step Motor: NEMA 17 – Phase: 4, Step Angle: 1.8 Deg/Step, Holding Torque:

  • X/Y/Z/E – 4EA
    Cartesian (xyz): X/Y Head: LM Guide, Z Bed: 10mm Linear Shaft and 8D Screw Rod


    Control Board: Arduino Mega 2560
    Control Shield: Ramps 1.4 Board
    Display Board: Reprap Discount Smart Controller LCD 2004
    Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi B
    Camera: Raspberry Camera
    Power Requirements: AC 100 – 240 V, 1.4 Amps, 50-60 Hz, 220 W
    Connectivity: USB, SD Card, Wi-Fi (Web-based)

  • Nozzle temperature: 170 – 270
  • Heated bed temperature: 50 – 100
  • Operational temperature: 10 – 40
  • Storage temperature: 0 – 32

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The open source PANDORA DXs hardware and software is free and made with love. Please show your level of support with a voluntary donation.



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