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맞춤형 제품 디자인 서비스는 진열된 상품 중 원하시는 상품이 없어 용도에 맞춰 구조를 변경하거나 추가할 때 또는 새롭게 설계를 요청 할 때 사용합니다.

주문 전 문의를 통하여 사전 협의를 하신 후 결정된 금액을 결재하시면 됩니다.

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Product designers at the Jalopus Design House bring new product ideas and inventions to life.

Custom Design is an iterative-based process of custom designing, prototyping, testing, and improving product design concepts from start to end market ready product.

Salopus Design House provides full service, customer-oriented product design services. We guide you through each step of the product design process and help you make your custom product in the best possible condition.

For design service, the design scope and cost are determined based on the desired structure through inquiries in advance, and the schedule is adjusted while sharing the design direction and concept. As it is an online service, we strive to improve the completeness of our products through continuous community based on trust.

For the design service application process, set the quantity according to the previously negotiated customized design service cost and proceed with the order according to the instructions.

The design service will negotiate the details once the order is confirmed and coordinate the entire schedule with design commencement.

Inquiry -> Consultation (design scope and cost) -> Custom design service order -> Order confirmation -> Detailed consultation -> Design commencement -> Overall schedule notification (coordination) -> Design progress notification -> Result notification -> Product production (Prototype-consultation) -> Delivery (delivery) -> ………… -> Design change (if any) -> Modification or additional production of the final product (consultation separately for product cost)

“The passion of Zalophus’s DesignHouse is product design.”


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