The Jalopus Design House is a private design shop.
The Jalopus Design House is in the process of incubating.
The Jalopus Design House is laying the groundwork for commercialization.
We launch a lineup of developed products and provide practical products through customized design services.
We are participating in corporate development projects through product development services.

  • Site design / operation: We are running a number of project sites including this site, blogs, social media, and YouTube.
  • Product Design: We participate in S*’s projects, including lineup products posted on the site, and provide development services and products. Product design supports all processes from initial concept design to mechanism design, circuit design, firmware design, and product stabilization.
  • Programming: We provide firmware design for controller design for control of Atmel, STM32, nRF24, Bluetooth, Sensors, Motor Control, etc. and software design such as WebUI, GUI, AppUI (Android) for UI.
  • Product production: Prototyping products are still being developed, but products are being developed considering mass production.

Business Areas

  • Motion Control: CNC, Drawing Machine, 3D Printer, Robot Arm
  • Robotics: Guard and Smart Security, Humanoid, Rover
  • Home IoT: Home Automation WiFi Module, RF Module, Bluetooth Module
  • Vision System
  • AR
  • AI

Holding technology

  • Hardware design
    – Circuit design
    – PCB design
    – Mechanism design
  • Software design
    – Firmware design (Atmel series, STM32 series, etc.)
    – Visual Studio
    – Android Studio

This kind of investment is required.
We need valuable attention from those who want to start a business, have a keen eye for technology, demonstrate marketing skills, and grow with investment.
We look forward to the interest of business owners who are looking for new business fields and want to expand their business with investment.

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