Quick Start

Below is a quick reference for 4xiDraw V1 / A4 / A3 / XL / XLX.

First of all, Drawing Machine 4xiDraw V1 is plug-in-play method, and when power is plugged into the plug, it is in standby mode at the same time. 4xiDraw V1 complies with the GRBL protocol.

The connection method to the controller for GRBL can be connected using Bluetooth.

Therefore, you should prepare a PC or notebook that can be Bluetooth-enabled. The Bluetooth name is “4xiDraw-V1-XXXXXX” and the password is “1234”.

Check the connection status of Bluetooth and check the set serial port. Download the GRBL Controller.

When connecting with Universal Gcode Sender or LaserGRBL, you can connect to the serial port identified.

When you start the connection, you need to enter $ H in the command line or click the Homing button to set the X and Y axis coordinates to 0,0 for Origin setting.

It is always preferable to set the homing at the start of drawing.

In 4xiDraw V1, the main frame is the Y axis, and the load on which the pen is installed is the X axis.

It is important to keep it as horizontal as possible because the height of the X-axis rod can vary depending on the distance of the X-axis rod when drawing.

Please keep your drawing machine and paper stationary so that you do not move when drawing.