LED Matrix Bar Weather Station V1 Kit


LED Matrix Bar Weather Station V1 is a smart watch that displays the exact time and weather through the Internet using Wifi.

In addition, you can access and control remotely via the web, and you can use it as home IoT.

You can connect via the web, enter the message, and display it in the LED Matrix Bar.

The web is designed as a simple web application that can be viewed as a responsive web when connected through a web browser on a smartphone or PC.

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– ESP8266 WeMos D1 mini module which I finally found good application for (now you can buy better cheap ESPs)
– 6 x LEDMatrix module with MAX7219 driver
– supplied directly from USB port with USB plug
– all data are synchronized every 7-8 minutes
– time and date are taken from google.com
– weather informations are grabbed from openweather.org JSON api
– no hardware RTC clock is necessary
+ internal temperature, humidity sensor (options – DS18B20(Internal), DHT22(Indoor), DHT12(Outdoor))
+ ESP8266 setup and control as a Wi-Fi Web Server (WiFiManager, OTA, mDNS)
+ receives a message input from a User Input page, then displays the message on a scrolling LED matrix display.

* The interface for all the controls is designed as a webapp for internet browser.

– 6 x MAX7219 8 x 8 LED Matrix module
– 1 x WeMos D1 mini
– 1 x Interface Shield

3D Parts:
– V1: http://shop.bluecomtech.com/ko_KR/product/led-matrix-bar-weather-station-v1-3d-design-files-case-stnad


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